Hi everyone, I’m Courtney! I’m a twenty-six year old girl born and raised in Southern California currently balancing a busy life in Los Angeles, California.

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I had a passion for two things– kids and fashion. I would carry my baby dolls around everywhere, dressing them in different outfits, while also dressing up myself. As I got older, the baby dolls got stored away, but the dressing up never stopped.

Once I graduated college from Loyola Marymount University, I decided to make children the focus of my career and became a first grade teacher. Although teaching immediately gave me a fulfillment more than I could’ve ever imagined, that didn’t mean the fashion part got thrown out the door. From ages fourteen to nineteen, I worked as a fashion model while also going to school full time. It became too hard to juggle it all and knowing that teaching was the career I wanted to pursue, I left the modeling world to start a new chapter. Now, when I’m not working, I spend practically every minute of my free time shopping, styling outfits, and researching the best new products. Fashion and style give me a thrill that I can’t explain. I love the challenge of balancing current trends with my true style, all while staying within a teacher’s budget.


After realizing how happy and confident I felt after putting together a cute outfit or helping friends and family find their own style, I decided to create a blog. That’s where Gratitude & Grace comes in. I’ve always loved to write, but could never stick with writing in a diary. So my blog has become my digital diary– documenting my style and interests without forgetting about all of life’s day to day moments in between. But starting a blog can be a bit scary as the blogging world is huge and full of successful bloggers, which naturally makes me wonder how to keep up. I’ve found that the best way to become successful at anything is to be authentic; to be real with yourself, with others, and stay true to who are. That’s what you’ll find here– the authentic, real me– just trying to live life with gratitude and grace.

In between teaching and shopping, I also love to practice yoga, cook in my kitchen, decorate my apartment, and play with my miniature golden doodle puppy. I hope you enjoy reading my “diary” as much as I love writing it. I’m so happy to have you here to follow along! xo


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