Hello loves, Happy Monday! With Valentine’s day approaching in just a couple short days, I wanted to share with you the details from the romantic getaway I took Scott on for his birthday in January. We love exploring new places, especially when they bring us out to connect with nature, and what better place than the beautiful coastline of Big Sur.  Continue reading “TRAVEL DIARIES: Big Sur”

Why It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

I went my whole life thinking I would get married at 22, start having babies at 24, and be a full time mom for sure by the age of 30. Not only that, but I would also have my career figured out and a steady source of income to live a comfortable life. But oh how this could not be farther from the truth. Instead, I’ve been married and divorced once, changed jobs multiple times, changed my whole career choice, and have struggled to make ends meet with the constant change of income. And I’ve come to realize that I absolutely love the fact that I’ve changed my mind so many times.  Continue reading “Why It’s Okay to Change Your Mind”

DIY Boho Hat

Over the weekend, I went to one of my favorite local shops and fell in love with the cutest vintage boho hat. But when I flipped the tag to find that it was over $300, all thoughts of owning that hat went out the door. Giving it a closer look, I realized that I could totally make a similar hat for only a tiny fraction of the cost. I ran over to the fabric store, grabbed the supplies I needed, ordered a couple cheap hats, and got to work. Scroll through to find my simple DIY tutorial to make your own, as well as my recommendations for supplies. Happy crafting!

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Hello 2018: My New Year Intentions

Happy New Year y’all! I can’t believe we’re already one week in! Time starts to fly the older you get, I swear! Every year I say I will set resolutions in January, but I either never end up setting them or I write them down and never look at them again. This year, I committed to myself that I would come up with a list of things I want to hold myself accountable to this year. A list that is actually measurable, achievable, and will inspire me to be the best version of myself. Rather than calling them resolutions (because none of us need to resolve anything about ourselves), I’ve committed to setting my intentions for 2018.

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3 Ways to Style a Bandana

Lately, bandanas have been everywhere! Silk ones, classic paisley print ones, solid ones, printed ones…the list goes on! It’s funny how something so simple becomes such a big trend. Anyone remember wearing them folded in half on your head in the ’90s? So glad it’s not that look that’s coming back in style! I decided to share with you guys three different ways to style a bandana that are a little more modern than Christina Aguilera’s look circa her Genie in a Bottle” days (sorry Xtina, love you still). Scroll down to see some of my favorite styles, too.  Continue reading “3 Ways to Style a Bandana”


When mules first started becoming a thing, I really didn’t understand why. I thought they looked like something I would’ve picked up from a thrift shop or my grandma’s closet. And the fact that people were dropping MAJOR money on the Gucci pair seemed absolutely absurd to me. Fast forward a couple months and now I am totally obsessed. Continue reading “STYLING SERIES: MULES”