DIY Boho Hat

Over the weekend, I went to one of my favorite local shops and fell in love with the cutest vintage boho hat. But when I flipped the tag to find that it was over $300, all thoughts of owning that hat went out the door. Giving it a closer look, I realized that I could totally make a similar hat for only a tiny fraction of the cost. I ran over to the fabric store, grabbed the supplies I needed, ordered a couple cheap hats, and got to work. Scroll through to find my simple DIY tutorial to make your own, as well as my recommendations for supplies. Happy crafting!


1 yard (or less, but I like to have extra just in case) of printed silk fabric of choice

A wide brim hat (I used this one for the tutorial, but I liked this one from Amazon better because the stiffer your hat, the easier to decorate)

– A high temperature hot glue gun + glue sticks

– Fabric scissors (I like these)

– Iron on gold studs (something like these)

– Any kind of feathers you like (I got these)

– Flat surface to work


Lay your fabric flat (I like to do this on the floor). Cut a narrow strip (about 5 inches wide). I find that the slower you go using smaller clips at a time, the easier it is to cut neatly. Don’t worry about it being perfect, since it will be folded over to straighten out anyways. By the time mine was done being cut, it was about 5 in. wide x 5 ft. long. Save the extra for something else!


Tie the fabric strip around the brim of your hat in a bow. Try to lay it as flat as possible, flattening out any bunches or twists in the fabric. I like to fold the top and bottom of the fabric to hide the fraying edges. You could also hem the edges before tying the fabric on if you’re comfortable with a sewing machine.


Using your hot glue gun, glue down the top and bottom edges. Make sure to keep the slight fold to hide the frayed edges. If you’re struggling to keep the fabric in place when pulling the folds near the bottom rim, try pulling the fabric down from the middle to cover the hot glue (if that makes any sense haha). I also find putting the hat on my knee, helps keep the shape better. Putting a little dollop of glue under the bow also helps ensure everything stays in place and the fabric doesn’t come undone.


Choose your feathers. Lay them out on the table and arrange them to make a little bouquet. The feathers come in different shapes, patterns, and sizes, so play around until you find a combination you like.

(^don’t mind my unpainted fingernails lol)


Take your little bouquet of feathers and stick it in the knot part of the bow. Secure with hot glue on both sides to keep it in place. I also like to use this time to secure any places that seem like they need some extra reinforcement with the hot glue. The final touch is hot gluing the gold stud onto the top of the knot of the bow!


Last, but not least, is cutting the bow to be the length you want. I like to cut it just to the brim of the hat so it doesn’t hang over, but it’s really just personal preference. You can also trim off any long frayed pieces if need be.

& just like that, you have created your very own boho hat!

(Tucker doodle didn’t seem too impressed by them. haha)


What do you guys think?! Share your comments below!

If you end up making your own, make sure to tag me on Instagram (@gratitudengrace) so I can see how they turned out!

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