Farmhouse on a Budget

I have a confession to make…I am slightly (ok, more like majorly) obsessed with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. Joanna Gaines’ style is absolutely amazing and the relationship she has with her husband, Chip, is one that just makes your heart melt. Major relationship goals. I even went as far as to beg my boyfriend to move to Waco, TX so I could live on a farm and try to become BFFs with Jo. Let’s just say that didn’t go over to well, but he did agree to take me on a trip there! (I’ll take what I can get 😉 ). Last November, we flew to Texas over Thanksgiving break to visit Magnolia Market and get a glimpse into that Texas life. We stayed in Austin for three nights to explore the city, but spent an entire day driving around Waco’s neighborhoods and shopping at Magnolia (aka- pure Heaven). To say that I was loving every minute of it would be an understatement. Who knew a trip to Waco would become on my favorite trips to date?



I came home majorly inspired to re-create Joanna’s farmhouse style, but being that I have to stick to a tight budget, I had to get creative on how I could make this work. When my boyfriend and I moved into our apartment together in April, I let my creative juices flow and found some awesome affordable pieces. I also got him to work on some DIY projects with me. Not bad that he has a woodworking shop on the side so all of my furniture was built by custom request. Shoutout for being the best boyfriend ever. (Thanks, babe!)

I wanted to share with you the finished product! Our tiny cozy farm(apartment)house that is perfect for the two of us….and our goldendoodle, Tucker. I’ve also included some tips on how I achieved the farmhouse style while also staying true to my budget:


Shop your local HomeGoods or TJ Maxx

I love hunting for affordable pieces at HomeGoods. It’s definitely one of those places that are hit or miss, but I usually ending picking up at least one thing that follows suit with the look I’m trying to achieve. My favorite things to pick up from HomeGoods are greenery arrangements, trays, jars, and mirrors. They are much more affordable than looking at high-end decorating stores or big name companies and feel more unique since they’re usually the only one on the shelf. I always have more fun “finding” the little decorative things than just ordering them through catalogs or online.


Need I say more? Target is awesome for bigger items like side tables and dining chairs, but they also have great decorative items like pillows, picture frames, and blankets. I’m pretty sure all of my throw pillows and blankets are from Target. Items from the Threshold line are my favorite. They have the look I like and are always a super good price. Can’t go wrong with anything from Target. If only that myth about them serving wine would come true, my life would then be complete.

Goodwill book store or garage sales for hardcover books

I love the look of vintage, worn out books stacked up to add different levels and textures to dressers or shelves. But the price tags on books at antique stores are wayyy out of my budget! I decided to hunt my local Goodwill Bookstore for hardcover books that are slightly worn to achieve the same look at a fraction of the cost. Most books are in the $2-4 range so you can really get a bang for your buck. I like to take the covers off to see the color of the book underneath since I display them bare. My favorite are the gray, blue, and beige tones. Don’t be afraid to check out your local Goodwill or hunt some garage sales!

Subtle pops of color

When decorating my house, I like to stick to a neutral palette (think white, cream, and gray). However, it can seem pretty boring if you have no color at all. I like to add pops of color through candles, flowers, and accent pillows. Just make sure to keep it consistent and add a bit of color to each room so it feels cohesive. When decorating shelves, try to incorporate a little something with a shade of your chosen color on every shelf to tie it all together. I chose to add different shades of blue around my house. One of my favorite accent pieces is the Capri Volcano candle. The color of the glass is so rich and vibrant!

DIY: Plans for homemade furniture and signs

Thank goodness for the internet! It is so easy to access free plans to furniture and accent pieces that can easily be made by buying wood and simple tools from your local hardware store. One of my favorite websites is Shanty to Chic because it is exactly the type of farmhouse style I love. And the two sisters who started it are pretty badass. 😉 (#girlboss) It looks daunting, but start with something small like a sign or picture frame and build up to the bigger pieces. It will save you a ton of money and your pieces will be custom made!

What are your favorite decorating tips? Leave me a comment or email me with any ideas or pictures of your space! I would love to hear from you! xo

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