Hello 2018: My New Year Intentions

Happy New Year y’all! I can’t believe we’re already one week in! Time starts to fly the older you get, I swear! Every year I say I will set resolutions in January, but I either never end up setting them or I write them down and never look at them again. This year, I committed to myself that I would come up with a list of things I want to hold myself accountable to this year. A list that is actually measurable, achievable, and will inspire me to be the best version of myself. Rather than calling them resolutions (because none of us need to resolve anything about ourselves), I’ve committed to setting my intentions for 2018.

Generally speaking, an intention is “an aim or plan.” In medicine, it actually means “the healing process of a wound.” Although we may not have physical wounds to heal with the coming of the new year, we all have areas that we feel we could work on, heal, or strengthen, and those are usually the areas where we seek improvement. Making intentions, rather than resolutions, makes me feel more motivated and more inspired. Rather than feeling like I need to fix or change myself, it inspires me to strengthen my weak spots, focus on self-love, and practice mindfulness to make those intentions a part of my reality.  Below, you will find a list of my 2018 Intentions:


– Enjoy the process of working out.

While I always feel 100% better AFTER I work out, it is a heck of a battle getting myself there! I’ve always had the mindset that a gym is where I go to change my body or to make it better than what it is now. I’ve come to realize that this is a very unhealthy mindset and only makes me think of the gym in a negative way. This year, my intention is to go to the gym because I love my body – how strong it is, what it does for me, and how resilient it can be. I want to go to the gym as an investment into my health and well-being, rather than thinking of it as a punishment for a heavy meal I ate or one too many glasses of wine. I intend to make the gym my safe place- a place I go to embrace challenge, enjoy the journey, and repeat positive affirmations.

– Feel truly confident.

Confidence is something I have really struggled with my whole life. While many would be surprised to hear this, I cannot even begin to explain the negative self-talk and criticisms I repeat in my head on a daily basis (or did repeat until I became mindful and started to make changes!). This year, I intend to feel the most confident in my own skin that I ever have before. To love my strengths, embrace my weaknesses, and see myself for the strong, compassionate, driven woman that I am.

– Choose trust.

With every hard experience we go through, we add a brick to the wall we build around ourselves for protection. While this is a natural instinct to survive, it also contributes to our lack of trust when things start to become hard again. I have committed to myself to always come from a place of trust. No matter what life throws at me – in my relationship, job, family, etc. – I will choose to trust first, rather than immediately come up with the worst case scenario in order to try to protect myself. This year I choose trust.

– Be present.

Life is a crazy ride with lots of bumps and turns and excitement. Life can be crazy and it can be easy (especially for me) to have my eye on the next thing to come. While that contributes to my drive and self-motivation to succeed, it also contributes to my difficulty to stay in the moment and savor the journey. I owe it to myself, my loved ones, my boyfriend, and everyone I encounter to be fully present in everything I do. While this is much easier said than done, it all begins with mindfulness.

-Settle into my career.

With so many life changes the past few years, I feel like I’ve bounced around from place to place with no time to truly settle in. While I don’t regret any of the choices I’ve made because those opportunities came to me for a reason and taught me so much about life and about myself, I am feeling very ready to find my place where I can really dig into my career and see a long term future. Being in my late 20s, my focus has shifted from trying to find myself and what excites me, to being self fulfilled and ready to settle down.

I really hope this wasn’t a downer post, but my intention with my blog and my community here is to be fully transparent and authentic. The more we can uplift and inspire each other with honesty and vulnerability, the kinder and more compassionate of a world we will live in!

I would LOVE to hear your New Year intentions! Email me or leave a comment below!




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