What’s behind Gratitude & Grace?

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! I’ve decided it is time for me to start documenting parts of my life I am really passionate about. Obviously two main parts of that are gratitude and grace, but I’m sure you are wondering why exactly those are so important to me. So here is a little back story….


I’ve been known to be a questioner. You tell me the sky is blue and I will ask you why. I’m having a bad day and I dig deep to figure out the cause. I see something fascinating and I try to figure out how it works. Call this a blessing or a curse– I’ve come to find it can be both. I have a constant desire to turn inward, which sometimes brings along a fair share of anxiety. In college, being the “researcher” that I am, I knew there was something out there that I needed, something that would make sense of who I am inside and help me get to know myself even better. I decided to join a yoga studio and I immediately become addicted. I experienced the “yoga high,” “yoga glow,” and noodle-like limbs after my very first class, and ever since I’ve been hooked. As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve been working harder to incorporate the mindfulness part of my practice into my everyday life. This is not so easy for me, but that is exactly why they call it a practice. Progress not perfection, right? Gratitude is something I strive for everyday- to be grateful for my struggles, my successes, and all of life’s little moments in between. I hope that sharing snapshots of my practice and tips on how I do it will help inspire you to find the gratitude in your life, too.


My whole life I have had a passion (okay, more like an obsession) with clothes and fashion. I love to shop because it makes me feel good- not the part about swiping my credit card when I get to the cash register or a temporary rush from an impulse buy. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I need a little TLC that calls for some retail therapy, but usually there is a little more meaning to my madness method. The older I get, the more I realize I have a style that is my own, one that I hardly stray from because when I do, I feel uncomfortable and awkward. This is where grace comes into play. I find that my true style brings out my inner grace- I feel ladylike, yet strong; trendy, but still timeless; beautiful, yet humble. For me, it’s all about the balance. But I know that finding your own style that makes you feel graceful, confident, and beautiful can be hard. That’s why I decided to incorporate my love for fashion into my blog…so I can help everyone find a style they love that will boost their confidence, radiate their inner beauty, and inspire them to act with grace.

I hope you love reading my blog as much as I love writing it. Thanks for stopping by…I hope something inspired you. I look forward to chatting again soon!

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