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I discovered Honest Beauty when I started searching for natural makeup products that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I have always had extremely sensitive skin and then on top of that, I started struggling with non-stop hormonal breakouts about a year ago. I was constantly switching makeup and skincare products, desperate to find something that my skin agreed with. After coming across Honest Beauty, I took a leap of faith and ordered practically one of everything I would need for a daily makeup routine. I am now completely in love with their products. My skin has cleared up, I get a natural glow, and I feel a major confidence boost!

I wanted to review the products I ordered with you guys so that you can get details on each product before you make a decision to order. I always find reviews really helpful when deciding whether or not to make a switch on any product. This post is a little long since I wanted to give a thorough review of the products, but I really hope it is useful in helping you decide if Honest products are right for you! I would also love to hear from you to answer any other questions you might have that didn’t get answered in this post or to let me know if you would like me to do a tutorial video of my daily routine using these Honest Beauty products. I am so grateful I found this makeup line and am so excited to share it with you guys!

*This is not a sponsored post and the opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. Luminizing Powder in Dusk Refelction

I use this powder as my bronzer and it is my favorite bronzer I’ve ever owned. Since it is a baked powder, it has a soft and silky feel that goes on super smooth. It has a subtle shimmery finish without being glittery. The glow it gives you in the sunlight is amazing! And because it doesn’t go on heavy right away, it is easy to build it up to the right amount of glow. The color of this powder is awesome- it doesn’t have the orange-y undertone that I find a lot of bronzers to have. This one makes me look as if I have a natural sun kissed glow and doesn’t look fake at all, which is obviously a major bonus!

2. Buffing Brush

This is described as a pro-level complexion brush and it definitely makes me feel like a pro! It makes putting on foundation super easy while also looking super natural. Simply dip into foundation or tinted moisturizer and buff onto your face in circular motions. This brush is also perfect for building your desired amount of coverage and blending to make your skin soft and smooth. I highly recommend this brush as your do everything complexion tool!

3. Crème Blush in Truly Charming

I have to be honest (no pun intended), I was super scared of cream blush and almost passed on ordering this product for that reason. I am glad I ended up taking a chance because I actually really love it! Usually I end up looking like a clown when I try putting on cream blush, but this one goes on much more natural than any others I tried. However, a little does go a long way. I just dab a tiny bit on my finger and apply to the apple of my cheek then blend with a buffing brush to make it look even and natural. Gives a nice rosy tint to your cheeks and looks great paired with a bit of bronzer. I ordered it in Truly Charming which is described as a peach coral color, but it is more pink than I would’ve thought which I love! I find it to be a great color for my fair, but olive skin tone.


{SWATCHES: Top- Luminizing powder in Dusk Reflection |

Middle- Luminizing powder in Midnight Reflection | Bottom- Creme Blush in Truly Charming}

4. Everything Primer

I’m not usually a primer kind of girl, but seeing that this was an Allure Best of Beauty Winner in 2015, I felt like I had to give it a try. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because I didn’t really know what I was looking to expect. After a few applications, I now don’t go out without wearing it under my foundation! It has hyaluronic acid to smooth out skin and minimize pores and a luminizing sheen to give you a subtle glow. I really love this primer!

5. Everything Cream Foundation in Linen

I have been struggling to find a foundation that wouldn’t clog my pores or make me break out, but still had enough coverage to hide the redness and pigmentation from all my prior breakouts. This foundation has been a lifesaver! It is really buildable so you can get the amount of coverage you need and makes your skin look really smooth and even. It also lasts much longer than I expected leaving me feeling confident all day. It comes with a sponge applicator, but I find the buffing brush provides a much more natural, even application. I will use the sponge every now and then for touch ups when I am on the go, but it is not my preferred method. In terms of color, I find linen to be the prefect match for my skin. I followed the skin tone guide (“Meet Your Match”) on their website and found it to be really helpful and accurate!

6. Concealer Duo in Balanced Beige

This concealer has a creamy texture and comes in a duo of two colors, a lighter and darker shade to create the perfect match for your skin. I like to use the lighter shade for under my eyes and then mix the two shades together to cover redness around my nose and any pesky blemishes. I love the way this concealer blends and doesn’t look cakey. It kind of reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage concealer, only I find it to have a better consistency that goes on easier and more naturally. The only negative I faced was that this concealer didn’t solve my problem of creasing under my eyes (as if I magically expected it to). I decided to apply the Magic Balm under my eyes before applying the concealer to help it go on more smoothly and it has really helped! It doesn’t crease as easily this way and I don’t have to rub so hard on that delicate under eye skin. The two together make the perfect under eye concealer!

7. Magic Balm

Besides using the Magic Balm as a base for my concealer under my eyes, I also use it for a million (ok not really, but it feels like it) other things! I like to use a tiny bit in my eyebrows to keep any stray hairs from going out of place. I also use it on my lips prior to putting on lipstick or lip gloss. I use it for flyaway around my hairline. And my absolute favorite way to use it is dabbing it on my cheekbones and under my eyebrows as a highlighter! It gives a subtle dewy glow and doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. I was hesitant to order this wondering if I would ever really use it or if it was one of those things that would just end up thrown in my drawer. I am so glad I ended up ordering it though because I don’t go a day without it!

8. Lip Gloss in Generous Kiss

This lip gloss shade has become my new nude! It is a sheer pink color that matches my natural lip color so well, it practically is a nude on me. It hydrates and has a high shine finish, but doesn’t leave your lips sticky like a lot of lip glosses can. I wish it stayed on a bit longer, but it is so easy to throw in my purse for touch ups that it doesn’t bother me. I wear this lip gloss every day, whether that’s on its own or on top of a my favorite lipstick. Can’t wait to order this in other shades! I have my eye on Playful Kiss and Creative Kiss next!

{Top: Everything Primer | Bottom: Lipgloss in Generous Kiss}

9. True Velvet Eyeliner in Eye Opener

I got this eyeliner as a free gift with purchase and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it at first. After reading a blog post from the Honest Beauty website and some experimentation, I discovered all of the uses this eye pencil had. I love using it to brighten and highlight my eyes by wearing on the inner rim of my eyes. This is a great little trick for mornings after a sleepless night or when you just want your eyes to look extra bright. You can also use it to make your eyes look wider by applying on the inner corner of the eye and smudging with the sponge tip. This all-in-one eye pencil can also help define and clean up your brows by hiding stray hairs and shaping your brows when in between waxes. If you want to add to your contour kit, you can swipe the pencil down the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow then blend to highlight and brighten. I also love using the pencil as a quick concealer when I am on the go or in a rush by masking spots or unevenness. This little guy has endless uses and is super fun to play around with!

10. Oil-Free Everything Tinted Moisturizer in Cream

Tinted moisturizer lovers rejoice because this stuff is amazing! I love tinted moisturizers, but I’ve had a hard time finding one that has enough coverage to hide what I need it to. This one has a foundation like coverage that masks my redness and dark spots, while still having the lightweight feel of a moisturizer once it’s on your skin. It also leaves your skin looking soft and dewey without being oily. Oh, and to top it all off, it contains SPF 20 to protect your skin while also giving you the coverage you need! It’s pure amazingness. I alternate between using this tinted moisturizer and using the cream foundation, depending on what I’m doing that day and what kind of a look I want. Couldn’t recommend this enough!


{Top: Everything Cream Foundation in Linen | Bottom: Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Cream}

11. Luminizing Powder in Midnight Reflection

This is a baked powder with a silky finish that leaves your skin glowing! The ivory color has the perfect amount of shimmer to give an extra little highlight. I love putting it on my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow, my forehead, right under my eyebrows, and down the bridge of my nose before using the Dusk Reflection powder as my bronzer. It gives a healthy looking glow without being too glittery or shimmery and it also seems to smooth out your skin. This can also be used as a finishing powder over the cream foundation or tinted moisturizer. Definitely a must have for your makeup bag!

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Have you ever tried any Honest Beauty products? If so, which ones are your favorite?! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think!

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