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“My body stay vicious, I be up in the gym just working on my fitness” — can’t help but throw some Fergie in there because today we are talking about fitness! I am by no means a fitness expert or professional trainer, but I am a working girl with a busy schedule who works hard to make fitness a priority. I find that getting in a rhythm with my workouts and staying consistent is REALLY hard. Things always end up coming up unexpectedly– whether that’s work going a little later, plans with friends coming up last minute, feeling exhausted after a long day, errands needing to get done, or whatever else it may be…I totally get it! I’m not going to lie, it becomes really easy for me to make excuses and blow off my workouts. Well, not anymore!

The last few months (once I realized how soon I’d be living in a bikini for the summer!), I decided to really make a point of keeping up with my workouts and finding a routine that works for me. Personally, my favorite workouts are ones that challenge me, but that I still enjoy. They push me physically, but also help me find clarity mentally. Yoga and pilates are my go-to classes, but I also love a good kickboxing or spin class to throw into the mix. When I’m not taking a class at a studio (I’m currently a member at YogaWorks), I head to the gym at my apartment complex or squeeze in an at-home workout. Nothing too crazy– it’s just about making it a priority.

To help inspire you to find your own routine or to give you a little extra motivation, I’ve come up with a list of some quick tips that have really helped me keep up with my workouts and stay consistent, no matter how busy life seems to be. Remember, there is only one of you so what works for some people, may not work for you and that’s okay! But I hope these are things you can take away and find a way to incorporate them into your own routine that is right for you!

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It can be easy to lose motivation and then end up not keeping yourself accountable. I find that when I have a gym buddy or a friend to take a class with, I end up sticking to my plans because I don’t want to flake on them. It becomes a fun little date that you’ll end up looking forward to– whether it be with your bestie, neighbor, boyfriend, sister, or anyone else you chose! When you bring a buddy along, you can push each other, keep each other motivated, and remind each other of your goals. Plus, it just makes working out way more fun!


I find that I push myself way harder when I am in a group fitness class than when I am just working out on my own. Feeding off other people’s energy and seeing everyone sweating together will really help keep you going. Joining a studio is a great option for group classes, but if you are on a tight budget, Groupon or Living Social have amazing deals that let you try out a studio for a certain number of classes without any long term commitment. One of my girlfriends and I just bought a Groupon for a kickboxing studio nearby and I can’t wait to kick some booty! 😉


If your schedule is too hectic to commit to scheduled class times or you feel more comfortable working out in the privacy of your own home, there are some amazing programs and YouTube channels out there you can explore! My favorite videos are from Tone It Up because their workouts are fun, quick, and super effective…not to mention, the founders Karena + Katrina are freaking adorable! I’ve also tried Kayla Itsines’ program and loved it. Finding workouts that push you enough to see results, but are still manageable for you is what’s important! Don’t be afraid to try out new videos and programs until you find something that works. Just scoot over your coffee table, lay down your yoga mat, and get moving, girl!


I love going outside to get active, especially when the weather is still warm. It can be as little as a walk around the neighborhood or it can be a full blown day hike…whatever you can fit in that day! Running is awesome and I envy people who love to do it because unfortunately I am not one of them. So don’t feel like you have to be an avid runner to bring your workout outside. I love walking with a friend to grab a coffee or a bite to eat because then you get to catch up on life together while still squeezing in a little workout (oh, and you get to reward yourself at the end!). Riding bikes to the local farmer’s market is always a fun one, too! Something about being in the fresh air to get your adrenaline flowing is really energizing and helps clear your mind. Give it a try and see if it works for you!


The most important part of your fitness is routine is remembering why you started. Make a vision board to set your goals of what inspires you and what you’re working towards. Maybe you want to tone your tummy, train for a 5k, or feel amazing in that brand new bikini you just ordered. Whatever your goal is, work for it! It’s easy to lose sight of your goal along the way, especially when you start to feel discouraged or don’t see immediate results. Remember, it’s all a journey! Enjoy the process, work hard, stay positive, and keep your eye on the prize! You’ll end up being so proud of yourself when you start to see your hard work paying off. You got this!


What fitness post would you guys like to see next? Leave me a comment below to let me know!



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  1. I don’t workout as much as I say I want to I can be so motivated then not, you feel? This is awesome to read, I might try to find a gym buddy and write down my goals.

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