Mother’s Day DIY Gift Wrap

I don’t know about you, but I felt like Mother’s Day really creeped up on me this year. Although I had my mom’s present already, I was slacking on the wrapping job. Thank goodness for those 10 cent bags from the grocery store that I have shoved in the cupboard under my sink. For all you last-minute wrappers out there, here’s an easy gift wrapping tutorial that’s super cute, too. And you’ll be re-using those grocery bags you never use. WIN.

STEP 1: Box It Up

Put your gift items into a t-shirt box (I got mine from Target during Christmas time, but they’re usually in the wrapping section. And if all else fails, go get one from Nordstrom customer service. You know you’ve totally done that before). Use cute tissue paper if you can to spice things up a bit.

STEP 2: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Grab that old grocery bag that’s been shoved away somewhere and cut it up! Tear off the handles, cut a slit down one of the sides so you can cut off the bottom. Keep the rest in ONE piece. This makes it super easy to wrap around your box. Make sure to put the printed side up and place your box on top, that way only the plain brown side shows on the outside of the gift. If this doesn’t make sense, keep scrolling for the tutorial video. Then tape it up. I like to use clear box/moving tape because the paper bag is so thick, I find that Scotch tape doesn’t hold up as well. It will look like a UPS package at first, but just have faith.

STEP 3: White Stripes

Using white acrylic paint (I like this one from Target) and a small sponge brush, LIGHTLY paint brush strokes down the top of the wrapped package. MAKE SURE TO DO THIS LIGHTLY WITH VERY LITTLE PAINT ON THE BRUSH. You want it to have an effortless, rustic feel. Do as many or as little stripes as you like. Make sure you go down the sides so it looks cohesive.

STEP 4: Tie It Up

Using a burlap ribbon or twine, wrap it around the width of the package. Simple.

STEP 5: Flower Power

Use either a real flower stem, faux flower stem, or paper flower decoration to top it all off. If you’re using a flower stem, tie it with the ribbon or twine. If using a paper flower (like the pink one I used) stick on above the ribbon.

STEP 6: Tag You’re It

Add a gift tag as your final touch. I made mine using white cardstock and black Sharpie, but you could really use any gift tag you like. Add a special saying that’s meaningful to her or use a patterned paper. The options are totally limitless so go with what you think your momma will love most!

AND NOW for all of you who want to see it in action, head to my Instagram (@gratitudengrace) for an insta-tutorial video. It may have not actually taken only 21 seconds, but it really did only take about 5 minutes. Super easy. Super cute. Super thoughtful.

I hope all you mommas out there have the most amazing Mother’s Day full of pampering! Let’s cherish all the wonderful ladies in our lives! xo

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