Life’s Transitions

In the past several years I have had a lot of life transitions…from failed relationships to new relationships, living on my own, moving back in with family, job changes, career shifts, car accident recovery, self discovery, the list really goes on. As I celebrated Thanksgiving this year, I couldn’t help but think about how much my life has changed and how far I’ve come.  Continue reading “Life’s Transitions”

3 Ways to Style a Bandana

Lately, bandanas have been everywhere! Silk ones, classic paisley print ones, solid ones, printed ones…the list goes on! It’s funny how something so simple becomes such a big trend. Anyone remember wearing them folded in half on your head in the ’90s? So glad it’s not that look that’s coming back in style! I decided to share with you guys three different ways to style a bandana that are a little more modern than Christina Aguilera’s look circa her Genie in a Bottle” days (sorry Xtina, love you still). Scroll down to see some of my favorite styles, too.  Continue reading “3 Ways to Style a Bandana”

6 Self-Love Tips

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a very hard time practicing self-love. I have a tendency to be extremely hard on myself. I’m sure you can all relate to some aspect of your life where you are your toughest critic- constantly picking out your flaws, putting weight on negative experiences, beating yourself up for failures. Do you know what I’m talking about?  Continue reading “6 Self-Love Tips”


When mules first started becoming a thing, I really didn’t understand why. I thought they looked like something I would’ve picked up from a thrift shop or my grandma’s closet. And the fact that people were dropping MAJOR money on the Gucci pair seemed absolutely absurd to me. Fast forward a couple months and now I am totally obsessed. Continue reading “STYLING SERIES: MULES”

5 Tips to Healthy Hair

When y’all asked me to do a post about my hair, I panicked a bit. Me, giving advice on hair?! I feel like I am the biggest hair dummy. Like honestly, if they offered a hair styling 101 class, I would DEFINITELY attend. Every time I see my hair dresser (who by the way, is THE only person on the planet I trust touching these locks), I beg her for styling tips. What products do I use? How do I use my curling iron the right way? Well, with LOTS of practice, advice from a very trustworthy professional, and tons of research over the years, I finally feel like I have my hair routine figured out.  Continue reading “5 Tips to Healthy Hair”

Desk Tour {photo story}

I am so excited because this is the very first post I’ve created SOLELY because of the feedback from my community! I am having a moment…y’all blow my mind and make me feel so loved. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I posted a photo on my Instagram account a couple days ago of my finished desk space and I’ve been getting tons of comments and questions about it. So I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to give you a photo story desk tour! Continue reading “Desk Tour {photo story}”

Jumping Off the Bandwagon

Hi loves, happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had an amazing week. As I’m sure you’re all highly aware, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been going on. Your Instagram feeds are probably full of bloggers posting their favorite finds and you probably find yourself feeling like you need to be a part of it. I’m here to tell you my true feelings on the big sale. Continue reading “Jumping Off the Bandwagon”