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Tomorrow I leave for a road trip to Utah to visit my older sister who is having her first baby! I’m going to be an auntie!! Ahh I am so excited! But in order to get there, I will be spending many hours (about 10 hours to be exact) in the car. I actually really love road trips though. Something about them is fun and exciting and makes me feel like I’m on an adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I love flying and the whole experience of being on an airplane. But going on a road trip makes me feel young and free, exploring new roads and new places.

My love for road trips and the fact that I am spending my day today getting ready for my trip, inspired me to create a survival guide for you! It includes all of my go-to road trip essentials…things to keep me comfortable, fresh, excited, and entertained. I hope this guide will come in handy the next time you embark on a road trip!

If you have any road trips planned or have ever taken a road trip before, I would love to hear about it! If you’ve never taken a road trip before, where would you want to go?! Leave me a comment and share your thoughts! Hope everyone is having a good week so far, can’t wait to share my trip with you when I get back! xo




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1} HydroFlask Water Bottle 

This water bottle is amazing! Keeps your drink ice cold for endless hours…seriously, I kept this in car one for two days straight in 80 something degree weather and when I came back to it, the ice was still not melted!! Made of stainless steel, its durable, practical, and comes in so many fun colors! I love having this in the car with me wherever I go.

2} Nikon Coolpix Camera

I use this camera for many of my blog posts and also to document memories when I travel. The pictures turn out in high quality, but it is still small enough to not feel like your lugging it around. Comes with a camera strap to throw it over your shoulder or around your neck…makes it feel like an accessory. 😉 I cannot travel without this little guy!

3} Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

I love having this spray in my purse for when I need a little pick me up. I mist in all over my face and it makes me feel refreshed, without ruining my makeup or making me look wet and greasy. It smells amazing and keeps your skin moisturized since it contains aloe and rosewater. Perfect to take along on a road trip since it’s nice to have a little refresher after spending so many hours in the car.

4} Daily Gratitudes Journal

Knowing how dedicated I am to practicing gratitude in my life, of course I would include this cute little journal! I love to document little moments that help me realize all the things in my life I should be grateful for. When traveling, there are so many new experiences and little moments that really make you appreciate life and the amazingness it brings. This journal helps keep you in the moment and will make for fun memories to look back on and remember all those moments you experienced! You don’t have to take a ton of time to write, just jot down a quick moment or realization that you had that day while you’re experiencing new things on your trip.

5} FRENDS Earbuds

These are my go-to earbuds because they are stylish, small, and comfortable! They come in a small pouch to make it easy to throw them in your purse or travel bag. And I love how they fit in my ears. So many earbuds I’ve found either fall out too easily or dig into my ears, but these fit so comfortably and don’t fall out even during my toughest workouts. I will definitely be bringing these along with me in the car to jam out to some tunes! It’s always nice to have options when the driver might not have your same taste in music or when you just need a little meditative time to yourself.

6} Wildfox Snooze Sleep Mask

I’m not usually a big fan of sleep masks because I find myself ripping them off my face in the middle of the night haha. But when traveling in a car where the sunlight is beaming from every angle and it’s harder to get comfortable, they can really be a saving grace. Pull it down over your eyes,  listen to your favorite playlist, relax and enjoy the ride! Only if you’re the passenger, of course!

7} Bingo Travel Game

Okay this might be a little dorky, guys. I think this travel game is so stinking cute! It’s small and compact and designed for road trips! You cover each space when you find the corresponding state license plate and the first one to get five in a row, yells BINGO! I don’t know about you, but I love looking at all the different license plates that pass by while I’m driving to new places. It’s so interesting to see where everyone comes from…I always try to imagine what their story might be. This game is perfect for those long stretches in the car where you want to be awake and alert and need something fun and goofy to keep things exciting!

8} Rx Protein Bar

I’m all about those good road trip snacks, but I still like to keep my healthy lifestyle. These protein bars are delicious AND good for you! Made with real, whole, nutrient dense ingredients, they pack in 12g of protein while still tasting like a sweet treat. They come in delicious flavors, too! My favorites are the coconut chocolate, blueberry, and chocolate sea salt. My next flavor to try will be coffee chocolate…holy yum!! These are great bars to throw in your bag and have on hand when hunger strikes. It will also help curb your craving for all the candy and not so healthy snacks that catch your eye at the gas station…please tell me I’m not the only one who has to use all of her will power to resist that aisle!

9} Lug Travel Blanket & Pillow Set

This set is absolutely perfect! It includes a cozy fleece blanket, matching pillow cover, and inflatable travel pillow! Oh, and not only do you get to pick your color, you can also get it personalized to really make it your own! To top it all off, it’s such a great price– only $33 for the set. Having a pillow and blanket handy really makes the ride a lot more comfortable!

Treat yourself and make the ride a whole experience that you will always remember. Don’t think of it as just a long ride in a car, think of it as an adventure!

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  1. Wow, I loved reading yay for soon becoming an Auntie, that’s exciting!! I love babies. The bottle looks so stylish with all the colors and loving the set you can personalize you can’t beat the price!!

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