When mules first started becoming a thing, I really didn’t understand why. I thought they looked like something I would’ve picked up from a thrift shop or my grandma’s closet. And the fact that people were dropping MAJOR money on the Gucci pair seemed absolutely absurd to me. Fast forward a couple months and now I am totally obsessed.

I’m usually not one to jump on the bandwagon of a trend immediately unless I absolutely love it. If it’s something I’m weary about, I usually sit back and wait to see different versions and styles on various people before I decide if it’s a fit for me. Call me safe or boring or whatever you wish, but I need time to figure things out. My goal is always to be authentic in my style- that what I portray through my image is the same as what I feel on the inside. If it doesn’t feel right when I put it on, it’s usually because it’s not. I like to go by my gut instinct in every area of my life, and it’s no different for fashion fads and trends. After waiting a couple months to decide if the mule was even a considerable option for my wardrobe, I decided to take the leap. Sounds like it’s a scary dark side or something, and it’s only a shoe. A bit dramatic, I know.

Let me be clear- I could not justify the price tag on the Gucci pair, nor could my bank account afford that big of a hit. Instead, I picked up my first pair from Target (which are a replica of the iconic Gucci pair) since it wasn’t a big risk to take at only $25. Actually, they were $23 to be exact. I fell in love with them the first day I wore them- easy to slip on, comfortable, and a great alternative to the usual sandal or ballet flat.

Styling them can feel a bit intimidating, especially if they are out of your comfort zone. But try not to think about it too much! Have it replace your typical “go-to” shoe, and opt for a solid pair before purchasing a patterned or textured pair if you’re still a bit unsure. My goal for this post is to give you guys a couple examples of how to style them for an everyday look- something that is relatable, can be easily imitated with clothes in your closet, and comfortable. I want y’all to feel like you can play around with different styles, while still feeling confident in your own skin! Hopefully this post will help get your juices flowing in ways to style whatever pair you’ve picked up.

Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite pairs out there right now!


1. BP ‘Maddy’ Mule | 2. Shoe Republic Mules | 3. Merona ‘Kona’ Mule

4. MIA Embroidered Mule | 5. Dolce Vita Maura Moccasin

6. Gucci Princetown Mule | 7.  Frye ‘Gwen’ Mule

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