3 Ways to Detoxify Your Bathroom

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. I’m currently in midst of a major bathroom makeover, and not the home renovation kind. I’m talking the detoxifying- turning your bathroom “clean” kind. It absolutely blows my mind how many toxins and chemicals we come across on a day to day basis, many of which are in our everyday personal hygiene products. While I’ve always known this and have tried to jump on the natural bandwagon numerous times, I’ve always gotten intimidated and jumped right off. But with health concerns arising and serious questioning going on, I’ve decided to fully make the commitment over to the clean side.  Continue reading “3 Ways to Detoxify Your Bathroom”

5 Tips to Healthy Hair

When y’all asked me to do a post about my hair, I panicked a bit. Me, giving advice on hair?! I feel like I am the biggest hair dummy. Like honestly, if they offered a hair styling 101 class, I would DEFINITELY attend. Every time I see my hair dresser (who by the way, is THE only person on the planet I trust touching these locks), I beg her for styling tips. What products do I use? How do I use my curling iron the right way? Well, with LOTS of practice, advice from a very trustworthy professional, and tons of research over the years, I finally feel like I have my hair routine figured out.  Continue reading “5 Tips to Healthy Hair”

DIY spa night at home

Nothing relaxes me more than a day at the spa. Tranquility, silence, and a warm cup of tea while bundling myself up in a plush robe…total bliss! But let’s be real, the price tag on a day at the spa can be a hefty one. Instead, I do weekly spa nights at home to get my fix when I can’t make it into the real thing.

Continue reading “DIY spa night at home”

Spring Beauty Haul Review

With Spring fast approaching, I decided it was time to try out a few new things and give my cosmetics collection a little refresher. That’s basically what they mean by “spring cleaning,” right? I wanted to incorporate pretty shades of pink and subtle tones of shimmer to brighten things up. I also needed coverage and protection to be a priority. The products I picked up have quickly become some of my favorites and I’m super excited to share them with you guys! Continue reading “Spring Beauty Haul Review”

Honest Beauty Makeup Review

I discovered Honest Beauty when I started searching for natural makeup products that wouldn’t irritate my skin. I have always had extremely sensitive skin and then on top of that, I started struggling with non-stop hormonal breakouts about a year ago. I was constantly switching makeup and skincare products, desperate to find something that my skin agreed with. Continue reading “Honest Beauty Makeup Review”