Hello loves, Happy Monday! With Valentine’s day approaching in just a couple short days, I wanted to share with you the details from the romantic getaway I took Scott on for his birthday in January. We love exploring new places, especially when they bring us out to connect with nature, and what better place than the beautiful coastline of Big Sur. 

Being the outdoor loving people that we are, we spent one night in a hotel and two nights tent camping. This gave us the perfect balance of luxury, relaxation, and adventure. I’ll be sharing the itinerary from our four day getaway, as well as travel necessities for the trip, so that you can see exactly how we planned it out.

(Keep in mind that Highway 1 is still closed from the landslide so we did have to adjust and just go with the flow on that one.) All the time in the car traveling made for good conversation, laughs, and connection though! We brought TableTopics for Couples which had really great conversation starters! We’ve been together for about 3 years and friends for 10 years, and it was still so fun hearing each other’s perspective on random things!

Keep in mind that Big Sur is a quiet, relaxing getaway- poor cell phone service, shaky wifi, and not many places to go. The scenery is the core of this destination spot- no distractions to take you away from how beautiful it is. It’s definitely a retreat style vacation, which is exactly what we needed.

Day 1:

This was the day of our little road trip up to San Simeon! Usually we take the 101 freeway and drive up the coast so we can soak in how beautiful of a drive it is, but with the 101 being closed through Santa Barbara after the mudslides we had to take a bit of a detour.We stopped for a late lunch in Paso Robles at Scott’s favorite little spot- Tortilla Town.

After about a four hour drive in total, we arrived at Ragged Point Inn. Immediately, we felt comfortable at this cozy, quaint spot on an absolutely breathtaking piece of land. We got the key to our cliffside room that had the most amazing view.

We planned on having a birthday dinner at the Inn, but weren’t too hungry after our big lunch so we opted for birthday cake and wine in the room instead. 🙂 We took a walk around the property, sat on our patio to watch the sunset, laughed, talked, shared a bottle of wine, and played our new favorite game Hive.

We even stopped mid-game for Scott to say, “there is no other way I’d want to spend my birthday than doing what we’re doing right now.” This day was a major success y’all!

Day 2:

On the road againnn! We got up in the morning, ate breakfast at the Inn’s restaurant which had very mediocre food, but an incredible view. Although our next stop was only tens of miles up Highway 1, we had to back track the way we came and head towards Monterey to look up and around then down to Big Sur.

We made a pit stop at Firestone Walker Brewing Co. in Paso Robles for some beer and an awesome tour of the brewery. If you’re interested in beer at the slightest, we definitely recommend doing this!

By late afternoon, we arrived at Big Sur Campground and Cabins at campsite #19, which nestled up against the Big Sur River. (If you’re not into tent camping there are camping cabins and full gas heated cabins, too!)

It is amazing to me how you go from ocean view to forest in a matter of minutes, just by turning of off Highway 1. Big Sur is truly incredible.

Day 3:

Waking up on day 3 at Big Sur Campgrounds & Cabins was a dream. The scenery is woodsy, the air is damp and crisp, and there is free coffee at the camp station! Just BYOM (bring your own mug)!

Camping consisted of more rounds of Hive, wine by the fire, dinner over an open flame, campfire stories, and snuggling in the tent. I love the simplicity of camping and how you find ways to have fun with little things to do around you. I feel extremely grounded and at peace when I’m connected to nature in this way. I’m still searching for ways to bring this feeling into my everyday life when I’m not camping.

We also did a day hike where we drove over to Andrew Molera State Park and did a beach/bluff walk on Bluffs Trail. This is a very mellow walk more so than a hike. There is a 9-mile loop that you can do for more of a hiking experience, we just didn’t plan for enough time. You do have to cross the river for these trails, but you only get knee deep so just take off your shoes and roll up your leggings!

Dinner was garlic asparagus and lemon salmon over the campfire, accompanied by a *glass* of cabernet in a plastic cup lol. So yummy!

Day 4:

It was time to pack up and say goodbye to our humble abode. We then made the trek back to Ventura County.


– Tent big enough for at least 2 (we got this one big enough for 6 from Costco for $100!)

– Cooler (we love our Yeti bag) with ice

– Sleeping bags (I have this one…so warm!)

– Cast iron skillet

–  Heat resistant spatula & tongsre

– Dishware (we like this set for camping)

– Mugs

– Headlamps (or flashlights)

– Tarps (we brought 2 large ones)

– Food

– Jugs of water

– Firewood and newspaper

– Board games (like Hive and Monopoly cards)

– Beverage of your choice (we like 805 beer and red wine!)

WHAT TO WEAR (in Winter):

– Down jacket

– Waterproof jacket (prepare for some rain this time of year)

– Hiking boots (I own these)

– Wool socks

– Fleece lined leggings (I brought these)

– Sneakers

– Long sleeve layering tees

– Sweatpants (for lounging around the campsite)

– Pajamas

– Beanie

Do you love to camp as much as I do?! Share your stories and thoughts, as I always love to hear them! xx




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